Boost your revenue with recurring crypto payments

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Start accepting automated crypto subscriptions and deposits in a few clicks. UniSub unlocks 560M+ audience globally, reduces churn, and increases your revenue.
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Avoid hassle with cards and restrictions

Charge in Crypto

Create subscription business in web3 environment
Better LTV (less churn) & CAC
Suitable for web3 and traditional merchants, SaaS, influencers, charity

For merchants

Pay with Crypto

Save your time on paying for services
No more lengthly conversations with banks
UniSub’s service is free for you

For customers

Supported wallets:
Wallet Connect
Coinbase Wallet
Rainbow Wallet


Payments directly from customer to merchant
Any subscription period — from seconds to years
Selecting a payment network/asset inside the widget
Supports all major blockchains and any token
API and Dashboard with analytics
Per-seats & Usage-based pricing (upcoming)
Free Trial (upcoming)

How to start accepting crypto subscriptions in 3 minutes?

Connect your wallet
and create a subscription
Customize the widget and embed it on your website
View stats and manage subscriptions on the dashboard

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